Migrating E-mail to Google Workspaces

A client was having trouble with email deliverability and wanted to have email be hosted on Google Workspaces instead of a private server. Tekkwiz took care of everything from setting up the new Google workspace environment to migrating emails from the original email accounts. Deliverability has improved and the client now is pleased with the…

Helping a DJ with his laptop

I helped a DJ having computer problems with all his recorded tracks and data. I backed up his data so he could take the computer to Apple to open and see what is wrong. I also helped troubleshoot two external hard drives he had that were not working as expected.

Assistance with Apple Photos

A client had multiple Apple Photos libraries with family photos that she was organizing and wanted to simplify the system and make sure that it would be preserved and protected. I consolidated the photo libraries into one master library including setting up the library for syncronization with iCloud as a cloud based back up system.

Setting up a Password Manager

Tekkwiz assisted with cybersecurity by setting a client up with a password manager. Password managers help people from re-using passwords and logins on multiple different sites which can lead to a certain attack called “password stuffing” where hackers use a password and email from one account and try it on another account such as a…